Key to feeling good

I was seventeen years old when I first realized that beauty of smile. I remember going to Nepal with my parents where we went an elephant farm. I was very scared to go near them because all I was thinking in my head was if it steps on me without noticing I will be smashed like a mashed potato. Anyway, I was walking around maintaining my distance and after a while I came across a baby elephant and noticed a huge smile, a smile that made me think wow why is it so happy for no good reason? I was a little baffled but very intrigued to realize that a smile on an animal can make me feel happy.

Little do people know, a fake smile also boosts positive energy in your body system. It is very hard to believe it but every time I have talked to people no matter how angry I have been, I have started my conversation with a smile and I have been able to take control over the situation. Every time I have gone to somebody who has been sad and gave a smile and said everything is going to be okay has been okay.

Life is hard. I get it. Life treats you in a way that you think it is unfair. Life has been the reason why you feel miserable. Try it out. Try to smile every time you see somebody even if it/he/she is a stranger. Try to smile even if you’re having one of those days when you feel like killing somebody. If it doesn’t make you happy or make you feel good try to look at the elephant again :)




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Sunita Yousuf

Sunita Yousuf

Thought Leader or Thought Provoker?

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